Look on the Bright Side

Everyone copes with life in some way or another. Some embrace the grisly details with spine-tingling excitement like Harry. Others, like Sally, blithely turn their heads to see a more chipper scenario. I’m a lot like Sally. I call myself an optimist.

My idealist switch flipped on sometime when I was a child and I’m really unsure how to turn it off. This Walter Mittyish tendency of mine often leaves me stuck at the corner of Surprised and Disenchanted. When it comes to My List, I frequently imagine grander-than-life adventures complete with Instagram filters and super cool slow motion effects. (My favorite is Brooklyn, but that’s an entirely different post.) Maybe it’s because I’m a Generation Y Yuppy, but regardless of the cause of my perky imagination, I’m grateful for it. The List, and ensuing fantasies, keep me moving, expecting, discovering, and propelling me into new excursions. It opens my mind, my palate, and my heart, and however picture-perfect—albeit imaginary—my expectations can be, I feel like a better person for it.

For laughs, because, after all, laughing is good for you, I’ve compiled a group of some events I dreamed would go one way, but actually turned out less wondrous. Enjoy.

I imagined kayaking like this:


But in Florida, sans rapids, it looks more like this:


In my head, meeting the President would be like this:


But sometimes you have to settle in life.


Paddleboarding? You probably already read my post about it, but in my perfect world:




Do you have any experiences that you imagined to be spectacular, but they fell a little short of that dream? Were you able to enjoy it anyway?




My sister, Kelly, has started an inspiring challenge to keep herself motivated and cheer on others as well.  In support, I’ve decided to come up with a few challenges of my own for #project30days.  If you’d like to read her original post, it’s here.

In April, I will strive to

  • call or text my mom every day
  • wake up at 6:30 a.m. each weekday
  • go an entire day without using the word, “like” and
  • give up Facebook (for 30 days).

The reasons behind these are pretty simple.  First, my mom wants me to talk to her more.  I often get busy and forget there are other people outside of my usual circle in town (coworkers and friends), who want to hear about my day and how I’m doing.  And sometimes, even if it feels like a bother, you should do things to make the people you love happy.

Second, I need to get to work earlier, because I get more done if I do.  Also, it means I can leave earlier and there are usually lots of other things to do after work, such as exercising, socializing, eating, etc.

Third, I would say most people of my generation find themselves overusing “like.”  I’m not sure how this came about, but this word creeps into my everyday vocabulary, and I cringe every time I use it, but sometimes I feel as though I can’t control it.  I really think my biggest problem is speaking too quickly, and trying to fill up every breath with something audible.  If I just slowed down a little, and became used to a little dead air, I think more useful and colorful words would fill up my conversations.

Last, I’m not going check Facebook for the entire month of April.  I can’t really explain why I log on so often, but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by it.  It’s similar to using “like.”  I really don’t enjoy it all that much, but I don’t know how to get rid of it, other than stopping cold turkey.  I also feel I would enjoy more the people I’m with and the things I do if I wasn’t so preoccupied with posting something about it on Facebook.  Maybe, just maybe, I would have more engaging conversations if I didn’t take the time to “check in” everywhere I go (and then check to see who liked what and what comments people made).  And perhaps I would have more genuine smiles and laughs if I wasn’t so concerned about how the pictures will look when I’m tagged in them.  I know this all sounds silly, but it’s actually pretty serious, and I don’t think I’m the only one who deals with issues like this.

If you want to join in on #project30days, don’t hesitate to use the banner and post your comments, blog posts, etc. on Twitter and Instagram with #project30days.  Tweet-it/Instagram-it to @trimommykelly and @emmylou522 too!


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