Pop Culture Awareness: The Rolling Stones, etc.

Since starting my journey to acquaint myself with my own pop culture, I started with some music. Thanks to Pandora and a job where listening to music all day is an option, I tuned in to my coworker’s The Black Keys station and received a crash course into classic rock. I’ll give you my first impression on some bands that stand out as pretty exceptional.

rolling stones tickets

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ foot-tapping playfulness is thinly-veiled by a few hard times and just enough eccentricity to make it interesting. This music feels true to life: there is a roughness to it that makes me feel accepted, but also cheerful melodies and good tempos to make me believe everything will be ok. The Rolling Stones are the friends I’d like to take with me to the beach on a sunny day, playing hooky, in a top-down convertible with the wind blowing through my hair.

Led Zeppelin

Listening to Led Zeppelin gives me a healthy dose of anger, determination, and soulful creativity. It’s mostly cool and collected, but you can feel the angst under the surface.

Jimi Hendrix

I listen to this guy and can’t help thinking, “Damn Jimi, you were stoned when you performed this, but damn, Jimi, you’re awesome.” Seriously. His quirky lyrics and singing guitar make me imagine riding a unicorn in Pleasuretown. And it makes me want to eat pizza.

Any other suggestions?


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