Also known as, “I’m not so tough after all.”

I’m not sure about you, but it seems like my twenties have been like the old guy at the beach walking around with a metal detector, just hoping to find something valuable. I feel like I’ve been on a hunt to find out what makes me truly happy, and what makes me…me.


The latest piece of metal I dug up is not one I’d take home. It’s called a Mud Run. While digging, quite literally, I discovered just how not tough I really am. Consider the puny, yappy dog that greets you at your neighbor’s door. That small, five-pound sack of snarling teeth and fur doesn’t realize how tiny she is. How easily trampled she is. In my mind, I am this tough, strong, elegant, and graceful person who can accomplish anything. You already know I’m an optimist, and while I can’t think how that could be a bad thing, it definitely puts me in my place now and then. Yesterday opened my eyes to things I do not enjoy, and things I need to work on.

Thing I do not enjoy #1: Getting hurt. I will avoid it at all costs.

Our first “obstacle” was a 15-foot-high wooden structure made of horizontal boards that had large three-foot gaps between them. We had to climb up, over, and down it. As soon I as approached it and realized how far of a fall it would be, and how much it would hurt if I did fall, the fear took over. I suddenly wanted to just run back and wait for the others. It was hard, too. Being slippery from already running and swimming through mud, it was hard to find a good solid grip and then I had to reach my entire body length to find the next rail to continue. It was rocking back and forth from the weight of all these people climbing it and when I was sitting at the top straddling the boards, I froze. With the encouragement of my teammates, I finally made it down, safely, but I have a few bruises today from that one. As soon as I finished, I said aloud, “I hope we don’t have any more climbing obstacles.”

This rope obstacle wasn't as bad as the ones I wrote about.

This rope obstacle wasn’t as bad as the ones I wrote about. I wasn’t able to get a pic of those.

Thing I do not enjoy #2: Climbing obstacles.

We had about 10 more climbing obstacles. Tires, small one-inch boards nailed to a 10-foot wooden wall, rope mesh attached to walls with tracker jacker hives hidden underneath, etc. I would say the majority of the race was running and climbing high obstacles.

Thing I need to work on #1: Agility.

This is a big reason I’ve joined CrossFit, and this weekend made it exceptionally clear how awkward and clumsy I am. I need better control of my body. I need to learn more functional movements so I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I think if I knew everything my body could do, I would’ve been more prepared to handle the obstacles.


Thing I need to work on #2: Balance.

I thought I had pretty good balance, but watching all of my teammates gracefully clear the log over water, while I made it halfway then fell in, made me aware of how inferior my balance skills are. If only I had a slackline like Mark Sisson! (Btw, he is so cool. I would love to meet him and Anthony Bourdain someday.)

The Mud Run was 80s themed, so obviously it was totally rad seeing all the neon-inspired costumes. I did enjoy the run, and I loved crawling all lizard-like through the mud. I was hoping for more of that. There was a decent amount of swimming and I enjoyed that part, too.

So, it wasn’t all a kick in the butt…just most of it.

Pre-race, obviously

Pre-race, obviously



Strong Body Whole Heart


My exceptional, beautiful, AMAZING sister is starting a podcast with her good friend, Maggie. They are doing an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for all the startup costs: things like a microphone, sound equipment, and sound editing software. There are just four days left, and if they don’t reach their goal of $2000, they don’t get anything and have to start back at 0. I wanted to put this out there for all you active folks who would probably enjoy listening to the podcast once it’s up and running.

Take a look at their video that explains what Kelly and Maggie are about, and how you can get involved!

Strong Body Whole Heart campaign video


The Last Girl to Run a 5K

Lately I’ve felt like everyone and their dog has run a 5K race. I like to think I’m “delightfully stubborn,” meaning, I do things when I’m good and ready. Maybe I could call myself the anti-hipster or the reverse-hipster. Generally, I defy the bandwagon until my curiosity becomes too overwhelming to resist and I cave in to the last wave of excitement. Watch, after I complete my first 5K, everyone will be bored with that and into CrossFit and the Paleo diet instead. Hopefully, letterboxing doesn’t go mainstream right away, because that actually does sound like a lot of fun.

Overall, my curiosity with 5Ks starts with one main question: how is this different from running 3.1 miles on my own, for fun? (Yes, I actually do enjoy running for fun.) Is there a “rush” or a certain feeling I will get just crossing the finish line? Will I become addicted to this rush, if it exists? Why am I paying money to run? Will I be able to get some good photos where I look strong and athletic so I can post them on Facebook?

My coworker convincingly told me about the Mayfaire 5K and it seems like the perfect race for me to decide how I feel about 5Ks. It starts at 7 p.m., and it’s about 10 minutes down the road from me. That means I can sleep in on a Saturday and still run a race! Awesome.

To prove I’m actually following through in my commitment, here is the screenshot of the registration confirmation. See? I will most definitely update you on my results, struggles, and triumphs of the day. I think this will probably make @TrimommyKelly very proud.


If you are in the area and wish to join me, please let me know. Also, if you’ve run a 5K (or more), what was your experience like? Have you become addicted?

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