The Last Girl to Run a 5K

Lately I’ve felt like everyone and their dog has run a 5K race. I like to think I’m “delightfully stubborn,” meaning, I do things when I’m good and ready. Maybe I could call myself the anti-hipster or the reverse-hipster. Generally, I defy the bandwagon until my curiosity becomes too overwhelming to resist and I cave in to the last wave of excitement. Watch, after I complete my first 5K, everyone will be bored with that and into CrossFit and the Paleo diet instead. Hopefully, letterboxing doesn’t go mainstream right away, because that actually does sound like a lot of fun.

Overall, my curiosity with 5Ks starts with one main question: how is this different from running 3.1 miles on my own, for fun? (Yes, I actually do enjoy running for fun.) Is there a “rush” or a certain feeling I will get just crossing the finish line? Will I become addicted to this rush, if it exists? Why am I paying money to run? Will I be able to get some good photos where I look strong and athletic so I can post them on Facebook?

My coworker convincingly told me about the Mayfaire 5K and it seems like the perfect race for me to decide how I feel about 5Ks. It starts at 7 p.m., and it’s about 10 minutes down the road from me. That means I can sleep in on a Saturday and still run a race! Awesome.

To prove I’m actually following through in my commitment, here is the screenshot of the registration confirmation. See? I will most definitely update you on my results, struggles, and triumphs of the day. I think this will probably make @TrimommyKelly very proud.


If you are in the area and wish to join me, please let me know. Also, if you’ve run a 5K (or more), what was your experience like? Have you become addicted?


4 thoughts on “The Last Girl to Run a 5K

  1. @TrimommyKelly is definitely proud!! I think it is the collective energy of so many people doing the same thing that makes it different from running by yourself. I hope you like it!

  2. I am right there with you in feeling that your the last person to run a 5k. My urge to run one hit about 4 weeks ago. Still trying to figure out which one I want to run in. I am actually over in Tampa and looking for one here to sign up for.

    I still in the process of training to run 3 miles straight without falling over with a collapsed lung! If I was a little bit further along in training I would definitely run this with you.

    Good luck in your race!!

    • Thank you! One of my friends who is an awesome athlete is helping me plan my workouts. I think if I stay disciplined these next few weeks, I’ll do alright. I will give the update, and I’ll check your blog to see which race you decide to run! 🙂

  3. That is awesome you have a friend helping you with a workout plan. I researched online and found a running plan on Spark They have a 8 week Rookie Running Program that looked like it would work well for me. So far so good! Have 4 weeks left on the plan after this week.

    Oh, here is my newer blog:

    Follow me here for all 5k updates (and other various ramblings).

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