[Non] Sequitur

As far as reality TV goes, there are a few shows that still manage to get my attention.  I absolutely adore So You Think You Can Dance.  Each season, I am enthralled with the talent of the dancers and the choreographers.  The judges have a way of driving me crazy, but if I DVR it, I can just skip to the dancing.

Another one of my reality TV obsessions is The Bachelor.  I can’t help it.

You already know by the title that this is non sequitur, but by now you’re probably really thinking, Why is she going on and on about reality TV on her bucket list blog?

I’ve never actually applied to The Bachelor, but I imagine as part of the application process the producers want to know, “What is your greatest fear?”  Year after year, some girl inevitably goes on a date where she has to conquer what she’s deathly afraid of.  I’m certain 99% of them must answer “heights.”

Emily and Ben on the Bay Bridge

Alas, I have outsmarted them.  If I were to ever apply, don’t expect me to write my greatest fear—which is bees, by the way.  I am sure if I answered “bees” they would send me on a date to a bee farm to get honey for the girls to eat breakfast the next day.  The description on my date card would be something like “Let’s see what all the buzz is about” or “Will you be my honey?” or some other crap like that.  Yep, it would definitely be a date with millions of bees, smoke, and those weird hats with veils.

Just looking at this photo makes me cringe.

Instead, I would choose an item from my bucket list.

Aha, now I understand how this post fits.

Since heights is actually something I love, I would say something like ziplining through a rainforest, or parasailing. On one of the seasons, they rappelled down a waterfall in Costa Rica. That would seriously be awesome.

Yes, please!

So, if by any chance I actually apply to The Bachelor, and I make it to an exotic location, and I get a one-on-one date, you can be assured that the date will be something risky and daring, and have absolutely nothing to do with bees.


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